Principal Investigator

ziliZili Liu

Ph.D., Brown University

Associate Professor in Cognitive Psychology, UCLA.

Office: Franz Hall 7619  Phone: (310) 267-4683  Email:

Zili Liu studies visual perception — how people see and why they see the way they do. He joined UCLA’s Psychology Department in 2001. Dr. Liu received his Ph.D. in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, and his M.S. in Applied Mathematics, both from Brown University. He received his B.Sc. in Physics, from Beijing (Peking) University, China. He supports Rural China Education Foundation (


Graduate Students


Chéla Willey

Doctoral Student, Cognitive Psychology, UCLA

M.A., Experimental Psychology, CSUSM

B.A., Psychology and Criminology & Justice Studies, CSUSM, magna cum laude






Andrew Silva

Doctoral Student, Cognitive Neuroscience, Department of Psychology, UCLA

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

B.A., Psychology, UC Irvine, magna cum laude

M.A., Psychology, UCLA



Yang Zen Xing

Doctoral Student, Cognitive Psychology {Computational Cognition Specialization}

B.A., Psychology, UCLA



Lab Manager

Kinneret Gordon

Undergraduate Student, Cognitive Science UCLA


Research Assistants

*= indicate undergraduates who are doing an independent project under the mentorship of Zili Liu, Ph.D., and graduate students

*Thomas Botch

*Changrui Li

Angelica Gomez

Kinneret Gordon

Mollie Zhang

Lab Alumni

Hongjing Lu, Associate Professor, UCLA (PhD 2006).
Bas Rokers, Assist Prof, Univ Wisconsin Madison (PhD 2006).
Ben Thompson, Senior Lecturer, Univ Auckland, NZ (Postdoc, 04 – 06).
Xiaoyang Yang, Researcher, Blizzard Entertainment, (PhD 2012).
Sebastian Christopher Waz, Cognitive Science with Specialization in Computing, UCLA (BS 2016).
Abdul Deeb, UCLA (BS).

Tabitha Safari, Lab Manager, UCLA.
Rachel Ho, Lab Manager, UCLA.

Tea Asatiani         Soham Desai
Angelica Gomez  Gagan Grewal
Al Gu                     *Tiffany Hwang
Melissa Lee          Phoebe Liang
Jake Lorimer       Haleh Matinrad
Rofida Rakha       Chris Robinson
Ryan Sabillo         Skyler Rothganger
Chitvan Saggu     Kinshuk Sen
Lizeth Sotelo        Kenneth Tran
Daniel Tsiu           Weixuan Wu
Amir Yekani